Augmented about just reality?

"Augmented reality or "AR" is getting a lot of press these days.  While the Economist Technology Quarterly features it in a positive light, FastCompany provides a dubitative opinion of the opportunity.  If you are not familiar with AR, it refers to technology that overlays information on top of real-life experiences in order to enhance them (watch this Nokia Research below video for more context).
While the visionary videos and articles are interesting, research suggests that people are not equipped to handle the information that is already available to them.  This year, Accenture published a report that shows that executives make decisions based on gut feel 40% of the time.
According to the research, employees and managers alike are having a hard time finding 'good' data to support their decisions, or when data is available, technology to use and share it prevents them from taking full advantage of it.
In your opinion - what needs to happen so we can get "augmented reality" in the field of decision making?
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