What does the health-care law mean to me? Try this tool @ to estimate it.

The 2025 office @ I visited this when in Sydney last (thks 2 Mark!). Amazing! I'm just sad i'll still be @work in 15Y!

Infographic on the Spam Industry @ Out of 35M span emails sent out in one month, only 28 actually turned into sales.

90% of failure to engage staff is due to management behaviour.

Mobile data traffic is set to grow 40X in the next five years @

Slates Dots features a new way of connecting the threads between the day's news. More @

CIO mag report @ #1 infra priority is Cloud. #1 app priority is BI...and only 12% have BI in Production Enterprise-Wide.

Got unusual insights? Watch the video blog @, chime in @


Mainframes brought ~ $3.5B per year in the past 10y. About 10k of them in use worldwide. More @ Economist

The top 10 Tech Companies on the SP500 with the most cash have $210B, while the next 62 have $108 billion in total...


RT @sonotony: Money doesn't always bring happiness. People with $10 million are no happier than people with $9 million. quotes


Twitter’s Business Model...Coming ‘Soon’...

Butterfinger I-Phone App...current and clever. SmileOnFriday


RT @adriennewaldo: Video highlights from the CPGSummit: Two days of great insights and ideas.


@infores I don't think checking prices from phone while in store is a gen factor. It's what modern shoppers do! CPGSummit

Should there be a major in business intelligence?


Facebook Analytics - The Measurable Ecosystem @

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We can no longer use the "rearview" mirror as a benchmark for consumer behavior. CPGSummit

America ranked 16th in broadband penetration & quality. No American city judged “ready for tomorrow”, report says.

We all have a "to do" list - Make sure you also decide "What NOT to do" Jim Collins @ CPGSummit

The Future of Healthcare is Social. Check out the paper @ futureofhealthcare


If you think that little goes into designing a perfect soccer ball, think again. Check out this video on Adidas' new World Cup ball @

March Madness by the numbers. 54% watch the games online...


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Featured in Healthcare article on Decision Making. How Clalit, 2nd largest HMO in the world, uses BI @

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Watch what others have to say about the definition of "Analytics" @

Edward Tufte, father of visual literacy, appointed by Obama to help understand the use of stimulus funds.

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What's your definition of "Analytics"? Join the conversation @

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